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Small businesses are a core focus for GIC. We work to safeguard your organization’s future by providing solution to operating challenges small and large, with assured success. Our services range from Branding to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and Strategic Planning. Each with deliverable products, softwares and management reports to solve your most pressing issues. Avoiding iterative solutions that often further complicate the circumstance, we opt to build custom resolutions that fit.


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As an organization that deeply values entrepreneurship, we specialize in helping startups get on their feet. We assist every step of the way, from the establishment of a new brand, to the assessment of growth potential and proposal for financial backing. The initial organization of ideas, thoughts and goals is often the most challenging process in creating a practical business case. We can help with that. With practical and scalable solutions, your startup will hit the ground running in the right direction.


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We understand that branding goes beyond businesses and organizations. Being able to create a personal brand helps you stand out. We specialize in creating a personal brand that is well-rounded and tailored specifically for you in order to help you put your best foot forward in any professional environment.


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