About Us


Creative. Innovative. Practical.


GIC Digital Solutions is an innovative solutions powerhouse. Founded in July 2010, GIC began operating by providing a unique branding service with merchandise sales. We have since expanded our services to business consulting, brand development and technology solutions. Maintaining our core focus on providing affordable solutions for small businesses and professionals. Operating as a small project team we have established our strength in agile project management. Ensuring that as our client’s needs evolve, we are providing the best solution, on time and within the specified budget. The experience gained from years of operation has solidified our execution process, from definition to design and development.

Consulting with GIC is a specialized service which we offer to clients we choose to partner with. Being a small business, we understand the challenges that often arise in establishing strong operating procedures. Challenges that are often amplified due to a lack of data tracking systems, ineffective customer engagement and time tasking manual processes. We approach solving these problems by understanding the core business function, then develop scalable processes, backed with IT solutions to help automate manual tasks. With this, businesses can capture key performance indicators, which are used to generate comprehensive business intelligence reports that often guide future decisions.


Our Mission

Provide reliable business solutions, fostering greater growth potential and widened opportunities for clients.

Our Vision

Become a reputable organization known for high standards of coordination, execution and delivery in customer service and consultation.

Our Values

    • Agility
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Innovation
    • Reliability

The Process

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    • Understand the problem
    • Create project scope
    • Clearly define goals
    • Outline the deliverables
    • Create development plan
    • Define completion
    • Generate functional prototypes
    • Engage client for feedback
    • Deploy completed solution