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We assist clients in taking their name and making it a brand, with corporate brand equity for product and service recognition. Creating the overall image of the organization, for the key stakeholders to buy into and believe in. This is visually manifested with a logo, branding material and a strong corporate profile. Publicly shared using brand marketing tools or digitally through a website to engage the target audience.

Corporate Identity

Brand Marketing

Web Development

Corporate Identity

Your logo is a defining image, not only representing an organization’s name and identity but also initiating first contact with customers. The business focus evolves, teams change and management adapts but the face of the brand remains immortal.

Branding Material

Joining an organization often means embracing the mission, believing the vision and promoting the culture. As a representative, branding material is necessary to show your connection to the organization while networking and promoting awareness.

Company Profile

The internal understanding of a company’s function is often different from the customer’s perception of the brand. Bringing those two ideas together forms the company profile. A detailed outline of the company’s past, present and future ambitions.


Customer engagement is often challenging and complicated. Marketing acts as a bridge between the business and the customer, stimulated with creativity. Developing an attractive package guarantees your customers will get the message.


Promoting your brand can be a time tasking affair, often involving customers wanting to get a wholesome understanding. Spend less time answering question by giving a comprehensive view of your organization, offerings and complementary details.


Engaging digitally with a professional community means presenting the right ideas in an appropriately engaging package. Devote your efforts to providing the right content for your presentation and get assistance keeping things engaging.

Dynamic Design

Websites often seem like a big challenge, plagued with static content, inconsistent representations and disruptive maintenance. GIC simplifies that by using the wordpress CMS, quick to edit, mobile friendly and seamless maintenance done in-house.

Custom Solutions

Each custom built website has the ability to cater to the unique needs of the organization. Solutions ranging from easy to manage e-commerce, automated form services, and easy accessibility using Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Secure Hosting

Never feel like your website is at risk, all client sites are hosted on GIC owned servers. While regular maintenance is done to guarantee minimal downtime, sites are also backed up regularly for easy recovery and instant corrective action.


ERP Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are an emerging tool set, necessary for sustainable growth and scalability of an organization. With the push for information system automating more business processes, key decision makers have more visibility into the business health and performance. Our team specializes in providing business intelligence reports, showing short and long term trends, growth opportunities and processes that require optimization.

FRM (Financial Resource Management)

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

SCM (Supply Chain Management)

A new way of monitoring your business growth and performance, with in-depth reports and automated tracking.

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Strategic Planning

Setting up an organization is only a scratch of what it takes to succeed. If the organization is not continuously looking to improve, performance begins to drop. Strategic planning allows managers and executives to take action towards improving business processes. We assist in performing gap analysis of current operational processes, improving project execution timelines and ensuring capital expenditure is being re-invested where it matters most.

Strategic Sourcing

Process Improvement

Project Management

A new way of monitoring your business growth and performance, with in-depth reports and automated tracking.

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